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Art is the greatest catalyst of emotions and has always, together with Music, constituted the DNA of ArtMediaMix. Sport, like Art, represents an asset that can speak a universal language and convey emotions and values. The achievements of the athlete, like those of the artist, are capable of fostering those social changes that can help build a better world.

This is why ArtMediaSport was created, with the aim of transferring the emotions and values of "other" sports into society. That is, the disciplines that enjoy often limited visibility but can count on a large audience of fans and athletes who represent the values they exemplify and witness.



ArtMediaSport designs marketing strategies that primarily enable the world of "other" sports to communicate effectively, elevating all players in the value chain, from athletes, to coaches, to federations, to brands, into a system.

The goal is to channel the emotions and values of Sport to a large number of users, who today struggle to meet their needs. Promoting Sport in society is a team effort, which needs the exchange of the best ideas and the circulation of a cutting-edge culture, according to a scientific approach guaranteed by dedicated qualitative and quantitative analyses and studies.

Advisory & Advocacy


ArtMediaSport is available to Federations and Brands that want to build an important path in the world of Sport, offering a revolutionary communication model.

ArtMediaSport works alongside major national and international broadcasters through the search for sustainability and quality models that bring out (and in some cases re-emerge) sports that have long lacked the support of major operators. The business model is innovative because it goes beyond the work of the advisor. The relationship with major Brands with a view to enhancing sponsorship is very important but the innovation is in the type of services and products offered, consistent with a new era of Content Humanism. As a media company one of the key aspects is to create a high standard of quality, capable of being of appeal to partners, sponsors and patrons who can help support athletes. We also work alongside institutions by promoting advocacy projects that have the sportsman and the values he is able to represent at the center.

Gian Marco Sandri



EUBC | Marketing, Promotion & Partnership Director


Bringing sports, media, business and social together is not common in Italy.

This was done by Gian Marco Sandri, founder and CEO of Artmediamix, a media company that has been supporting international brands in the development of integrated communication projects for more than 10 years and has launched a new branch, Artmediasport, dedicated to the image care of sportsmen and women and the development of advisory, advocacy and solidarity projects.

At the center, athletes in sports with unspoken emotional potential that can and should be channeled, for the benefit of all, to a world of interested users who today struggle to meet their own needs.

Fabio Pagliara

ARTMEDIASPORT | General Manager


Born in Rome in 1964, after graduating in Law, he began his career as a sports executive: in the Sports sector at the City of Catania and the Regional Province, he contributed to the realization of numerous sports events of national and international scope. He was a Councilor and before that Secretary General of the Volleyball League of Serie A, as well as an Executive of Maximum Series Companies. For the National Association of the Municipalities of Italy he has been a technical consultant for sports, collaborating in the implementation of projects in the national territory.

From 2009 to 2013, he was secretary general of the Italian Field Hockey Federation, before joining the Italian Athletics Federation with the same position, where he was CEO of Fidal Servizi until 2020. He was in charge of coordinating the inter-Federation project "Sport Modello di Vita," a container of initiatives and events related to the promotion of healthy lifestyles through the practice of sports.

An expert in sports communication, he also lectures for the Il Sole 24 Ore Master's program, at IUSM and at the San Marino Master's program. He is a lecturer in the MBA in Sports Law and Management at Link University Campus in Rome.

Today President of Sport City Foundation and FF Sports Consulting undertakes new challenges in the world of Italian and international sports management!
He runs, but not too much.

Ethics, epics and projects on the territory


Sport has a unique and extraordinary pedagogical value because it transmits the rules of social life and fundamental educational values, such as team spirit, loyalty, and integration. Therefore, the ArtMediaSport athlete is not simply a Brand testimonial but, thanks to his profile and social commitment, he becomes a testimonial of the country, a "guarantor" of Italian excellence, a positive symbol to be imitated, comparable to a superhero who embodies values with which young people and others can identify. This is why ArtMediaSport has decided to participate and share the mission of a series of projects with very high ethical content that restore values to the territory. These include theNational Bullying and Doping Observatory, an "Ethical School" platform project , and Scholas Occurrentes, a program initiated by Pope Francis that promotes the formation of young people through sports and culture.

Alongside the Sports


To the Athletes, first of all, who thanks to ArtMediaSport see their image grow not only in sports. With the training acquired through ArtMediaSport they can become outstanding testimonials, in terms of profile and ethical caliber. The training will ensure an enhancement of skills during sports activity, allowing athletes to acquire new professionalism to better manage the transition phase of the "dual career."

To Companies, which want to make a difference through the athletes/testimonials of ArtMediaSport, transforming themselves into recognizable disseminators of positive messages. By using the "emotional" strings of the athlete, the Brand will then have a way to dialogue with people, who will immediately recognize its characteristics thanks to projects that are highly valorized and at the same time structured according to the scientific approach that constitutes its framework.

To institutions, which intend to build a new and alternative path in the world of Sports, valuing "other" sports, capable of conveying emotional and ethical potential that can improve society.

Trader and producer of

sports content


Artmediasport enhances, distributes and markets event rights in Italy and abroad.

Through a dedicated division, it produces sports events, storytelling, and branded content for linear television, on-demand platforms, and social channels, meeting the highest quality standards for the benefit of partner broadcasters and brands.

Our passion for sports also comes through recounting the most exciting feats of our time.

Scientific partner:



Founded by Prof. Giampaolo Fabris, a pioneer in consumer sociology since the early 1960s, it is chaired today by Monica Fabris, who serves as president.

Episteme operates in a network configuration with study centers, universities, and companies specializing in complementary fields and methodologies.

The drivers are data intelligence to transform information into useful knowledge; the study of social and consumer phenomena geared toward the creation of value and new opportunities; decision-making support to define and implement the most effective business and communication strategies; and the ability to make connections for a deeper understanding of markets.

ArtMediaSport works in synergy with Episteme in order to equip each project developed with a framework of qualitative and quantitative data that provide a framework of meaning within which to pursue the defined objectives.