Advisory & Advocacy


ArtMediaSport is available to Federations and Brands that want to build an important path in the world of Sport, offering a revolutionary communication model.

ArtMediaSport works alongside major national and international broadcasters through the search for sustainability and quality models that bring out (and in some cases re-emerge) sports that have long lacked the support of major operators. The business model is innovative because it goes beyond the work of the advisor. The relationship with major Brands with a view to enhancing sponsorship is very important but the innovation is in the type of services and products offered, consistent with a new era of Content Humanism. As a media company one of the key aspects is to create a high standard of quality, capable of being of appeal to partners, sponsors and patrons who can help support athletes. We also work alongside institutions by promoting advocacy projects that have the sportsman and the values he is able to represent at the center.